Here's a selection of stuff I've contributed to that also lives on the internet, tagged and sorted by the time I started:

Remix of Seeb, K Camp, Tim North, Marty James - Run It Up
That time I listened to too much nu-disco and played with Serum for the first time
Remix of Young Dynasty - Ketosis
That time I found a trap sample pack and went hog-wild
Remix of Jonas Aden - Tell Me A Lie
That time I jumped into a contest with a deadline one week away, armed with my first MIDI controller and FL Studio
Mellon College of Science logo
That time I designed a logo printed on 400 shirts for tie-dye
Various date calculators (built when AngularJS 1.x was cool)
Lights Out
Code-golf-y implementation using HTML checkboxes
Orbital animation where an Earth year is 10 seconds, respecting Kepler's laws
Math competition timers
Timers for high school math competitions as part of MAΘ