Migrating scribbles to GitHub issues

I'm a small-time packrat when it comes to keeping data. Not r/DataHoarder level, but I recently moved lots of my "temporary" scribbles, half-baked ideas, and notes into what I decided is its safer yet still dynamic resting place: GitHub issues. Here's my reasoning.

These are all short-form bits like, "build a lamp that uses the principle of induction like <Hackaday post I saw one time>" or "make an Avalon/The Resistance clone for mobile." I call them "temporary" in thick quotation marks because my ideas were easy to jot down, telling myself I'd move them somewhere more permanent. But I never did, so they effectively became permanent, and the lists just kept proliferating.

Some of these places, starting around 2014-2015:

Each of these, though, had a few things in common:

This all started when my oldest brother introduced me to Org Mode for emacs. While I of course couldn't accept it on principle because it requires me to touch emacs (ง'̀-'́)ง, it got me thinking. What would get me to use Org Mode for notes? Similar to Dropbox Paper, it's like text with superpowers: a sophisticated editor's rich syntax also falls back to normal text. So it's really like asking, what would it take for me to use plain text for notes?

A prerequisite would be how GitHub handles it. I'm already in the habit of managing my website through GitHub, so I investigated further. Turns out that specifically using GitHub issues meets all of those conditions, with a few extra goodies:

Now, after backfilling all those ideas, my workflow is: fire up the GitHub app, open my starred private repo, hit + to create an issue, type away, and that's it.

I've also written this post entirely on my phone, my elbows are sore, and the editor (only available on mobile web, not the app) doesn't soft wrap for me. So blogging from mobile… maybe not.