Making house music (of some kind)

Last week, I put together a remix for Felix Cartal and Elohim's song "Nothing Good Comes Easy."

blue tick · Felix Cartal feat. Elohim - Nothing Good Comes Easy (blue tick remix)

The idea

This mix came together in fits and starts. At first, when I listened to the original track, I wasn't particularly inspired. Over time, though, some thoughts I had:

[1] Or maybe this is just me aging out of the target audience; I don't know. I also have no experience classifying these genres but was relieved to see that reputed record label Armada agrees.

[2] I have little experience in music theory so I mess up naming chords all the time, but the whole "this note doesn't fit with that note" thing has worked well enough so far.

The production

Overall I'm pretty pleased with the result though, as this went in a relatively different direction than I started out with, and it's something new for me.